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Just some parts of the internet I like…

For a daily dose of love and mindfulness, check out, or even subscribe to Buddha Doodles. Molly Hahn’s doodles are beautiful and whimsical, and accompanied by profound quotes, or sometimes a simple reminder to just breathe

MeinFernBus and FlixBus have joined forces to form a super-network, providing bus services around much of Western Europe. If you have a bit of flexibility, you can get a really cheap bus ride with these guys.


Megabus provides buses between many major cities within Europe and in North America. Their buses are often cheaper than alternatives, and if you’re lucky, you might find one for just $1/€1/£1.


Greyhound provides routes across the whole of the US and to Canada and Mexico. While in the US, I made transport decisions pretty last minute, and Greyhound buses were a great option. Cheap, with stops for food on the way, and usually equipped with electticity outlets and free WiFi!

Skyscanner lets you compare flights from loads of different airlines between loads of different places. You can search for the cheapest month to travel, and they even have an option to search for flights to ‘Anywhere’. To buy your flight even cheaper, get it directly from the airline after looking it up on skyscanner. This way you can also avoid third party charges and complications.


Want to do things super cheap and meet some interesting people along the way? Hitchwiki is a fantastic resource for tips on hitchhiking. You’ll find information about the best places and times to hitch, in places all over the world. There are also safety tips for hitchhiking and picking up hitchhikers.

Couchsurfing and BeWelcome are great ways to meet locals in the place you are travelling. Couchsurfing was originally a way to find hosts as an alternative to paid accommodation, but it can also be used as a way to meet other like-minded individuals at home or where you travel. Finding people through these sites is a great way to travel cheaply, as there is no monetary exchange, however this should ideally not be your motive for using them. The best thing about staying with locals is the connection with people, who are also in the mood for meeting and spending time with others, exchanging stories, food, experiences, etc. I’ve met some great people through couchsurfing, and seen and done things I would never have planned myself.