The Adventure Begins…

This year is the year of adventures! Having been back from India for 4 months (ish), I am off on the next jaunt. This time, it’s The United States of America, via Europe…

The Route: London -> Groningen (via Amsterdam) -> Bochum (via Bremen) -> Copenhagen -> Gothenburg -> Stockholm -> Las Vegas -> Laguna Niguel -> ???

Weird route? Perhaps. However, don’t worry. All will become clear…

It started with my friend’s wedding in California at the end of December. How can I not be at the wedding of a best friend? So, California, here I come!

But another best friend is having a baby in November! In Germany! So, I have to go there as well.

Now, I thought, there’s no point in me going to Germany, then coming all the way home and going to the States. Too much back and forth. We can’t have that!

I’ll look up flights to the US from Germany, I thought! Ooh, very expensive! What to do? I wonder if it’s cheaper from somewhere else in Europe…

Good old skyscanner lets you search for flights from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in the US. The cheapest flight around the time I wanted to be in the US was from Stockholm to Vegas. Interesting…

Now, I realise that traipsing around Europe in order to get a cheap flight doesn’t really make much sense. Surely it would be cheaper to just go directly from somewhere else and not pay for travelling around. It probably would be! However, it’s not everyday you’re ‘on the continent’, and relatively close to your European friends, is it? So, while I’m in the area, I thought, I can see some other people! Friends, adventure and free accommodation! What more could I want?

I’m not a massive fan of flying, so the Euro-traipsing would have to be overland travelling. So, in order to get to Germany, I would have to go through France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Well, what a great excuse to visit friends in the Netherlands! Friends that I had met on my solo travels in India earlier this year! The type of friends you make and vow to see each other again, not knowing when, but hoping the opportunity will arise… And here it was! £20 bus ticket to Amsterdam purchased!

Before leaving, I had booked my bus to Amsterdam, my flight to Vegas, and my bus to Southern California. The rest? To be worked out somewhere along the way…


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